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Put Option

If your municipality has an ownership interest in PERC, it is known as an Equity Charter Member. As part of a recent settlement between PERC and MRC, all Equity Charter Members have an option to sell their ownership interests back to PERC. To exercise this option, known as the Put Option, action in 2017 at a town meeting or appropriate legislative body may be required.

MRC and PERC are encouraging Equity Charter Members to take advantage of the Put Option to sell the ownership interests. To determine whether your community is an Equity Charter Member and find out your portion of the $1.5 million ownership interest, please click on the memo below.

Put Option Payments
February 6, 2017 PERC – MRC Memo to Equity Charters on Put Option
ECM Value of the Put Option
Sample Town Warrant
Town or City Council Form of Resolution
Regional Association Form of Resolution
Put Option Exercise Model Letter

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