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MRC Will Continue to Get the Job Done for Its Member Communities


The Municipal Review Committee’s Plan for 2018, which ensures the affordable, long-term, and environmentally sound municipal solid waste disposal is finalized. MRC members were sent a municipal consent package that includes instructions on how to become a Joining Member and sample pre- and post- voting materials.

The Plan for 2018 link below has the entire package in one document, and links to the individual documents are listed below.

MRC’s Plan for 2018 (Charter Members)
MRC’s Plan for 2018 (New Members)
Table of Contents
Board President Letter and Executive Summary

How to Become a Joining Member

How to Become a Joining Member Directions
Exhibit C Response Form

Municipal Joinder Agreement

Summary of Terms and Conditions
Municipal Joinder Agreement: Charter Members
Municipal Joinder Agreement: New Members
Sample Board of Selectmen Vote (Post-Town Meeting)
Sample Town Council Vote for Municipalities Requiring Town Meeting Authorization (Post Town Meeting)
Sample Clerk’s Certificate
Sample of Municipal Attorney Certification
Sample of Regional Association Attorney Certification
Guidelines to Calculate Estimated Delivery Amounts
Historical Deliveries to PERC by Charter Municipalities

Other Contracts and Legal Agreements

Master Waste Supply: Summary of Key Provisions
Master Waste Supply Agreement

Site Lease

Summary of Key Provisions
Site Lease

MRC Bylaws

Summary of Revisions to Articles and Bylaws
Amended and Restated MRC Bylaws (Clean Version)
Amended and Restated MRC Bylaws (Red Line Draft)
MRC Restated Articles of Incorporation

Materials for Legislative Body Approval

General Instructions

Annual Town Meeting

Sample Warrant Article (Charter Members)
Sample Warrant Article (New Members)

City or Town Council

Sample Council Resolution (Charter Members)
Sample Council Resolution (New Members)

Regional Association

Sample Regional Association Resolution (Charter Members)
Sample Regional Association Resolution (New Members)

Supporting Information

Sample PowerPoint Presentation
Contact Information for MRC Board Members and Staff

Solid Waste Management Capacity in Maine

Recycling Post-2018

Equity Charter Municipalities Assets: Shares of Custody Account and Tip Fee Stabilization Fund

Equity Charter Municipalities Assets: Shares of Debt Service Reserve Fund and Limited Partnership Shares in the PERC Partnership

Letter to Departing Members

Sixth Amended and Restated Agreement of Limited Partnership of Penobscot Energy Recovery Company, Limited Partnership 

Report of Fiberight’s Pro Forma 

MRC & Fiberight Environmental Permits for New Processing Facility

In July 2016 the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (the Maine DEP) approved three licenses for the MRC and Fiberight to construct and operate a new solid waste processing facility in Hampden. The issuance of the permits, which were prepared jointly by the MRC and Fiberight, represents a key milestone for completion of a new facility to replace the PERC facility by 2018. Click the links below to view the licenses.

Solid Waste
Air Emissions
Stormwater Management and Natural Resources Protection Act

UMaine Peer Review & Fiberight Development Agreement

At its February 4th meeting, the MRC Board of Directors approved a development agreement with Fiberight, LLC after receiving a report on a peer review of its technology performed by the University of Maine Engineering Department. This facility, planned for development in Hampden, Maine, would process municipal solid waste for MRC member communities using state-of-the-art technology to turn waste into usable fuels.

Media Coverage:

Hampden Processing Facility Proposal

At a Hampden Town Council meeting on December 15, 2014, the MRC announced plans to develop a state-of-the-art solid waste recycling and processing facility in Hampden near Interstate 95.

Answers to Questions from Residents

Media Coverage of Announcement:

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