The Post 2018 Plan

MRC Will Continue to Get the Job Done for Its Member Communities

Cheaper. Easier. Cleaner.

The MRC’s goal was to find the most affordable, efficient & environmentally sound option for its members municipal solid waste disposal.

We have done that. We have chosen Fiberight’s technology and proposal to handle our post 2018 needs.

The Fiberight proposal provides more recycling and waste conversion at less cost than any other option we explored.

But perhaps most importantly in terms of trust and accountability, the Fiberight option is the only proposal that will include the industry experience, community advocacy and financial oversight of the MRC.

Key Information:

To schedule an MRC public presentation for your community, contact Greg Lounder.

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2018 Joining Members

Brewer, Bar Harbor, Hampden, Bangor, Trenton, Aroostook County Commissioners, St. Albans, Swans Island, Boothbay Region Refuse Disposal District (4 towns), Dexter, Corinna, Palmyra, Garland, Cranberry Isles, Mattawamkeag, Pleasant River Solid Waste Disposal District (6 towns), Central Penobscot Solid Waste (3 towns), Clifton, Dixmont, Thorndike, Brooks, Holden, Brownville, Guilford, Chester, Bradley, Oakland, Northern Katahdin Valley Solid Waste Disposal District (11 towns), Verona Island, Unity, Franklin, Montville, Burlington, Lowell, Exeter, Mariaville, South Thomaston, Albion, Searsmont, Troy, Orono, Lee, Freedom, Parkman, Springfield, China, Sherman, Alton, Milo, Cherryfield, Monson, Sangerville, Knox, Steuben, Mount Desert, Southwest Harbor, Tremont, Castine, Otis, Sorrento, Belfast, Cushing

The map below shows current MRC Equity and New Charter Members. The municipalities outlined in green have approved the Plan for 2018.

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MRC Presentation Videos

MRC Presentation to Bangor City Council 2/23/16

MRC Q&A with Bangor City Council 2/23/16


MRC Presentation to Bangor City Council 2/8/16

MRC and Fiberight Presentation  to Bangor City Council 2/8/16


MRC Presentation to Bar Harbor Town Council 2/16/16

MRC and Fiberight Presentation to Bar Harbor Town Council 2/16/16


What Does MBT Stand For?

What Does MBT Stand For?


Edmonton's Waste to Biofuels and Chemicals Facility

Edmonton’s Waste to Biofuels and Chemicals Facility


Important considerations for member communities to know:

• The member-led MRC has successfully managed the current 30-year contract with the Penobscot Energy Recovery Corporation (PERC) waste-to-energy facility in Orrington for 187 Maine communities but that contract (and a related power purchase agreement) ends in 2018. Our work is guided by our founding mission to provide solutions for our members’ municipal solid waste which are affordable, environmentally sound and focused on the long term.

• Unfortunately, PERC isn’t going to be an affordable solution after 2018. The economics of PERC will no longer work for MRC communities because of the operation’s projected loss of important revenues, its inability to cut costs proportionately as waste quantities decline, major upcoming maintenance needs, and its reliance on out-of-state waste. So, even if the MRC communities had to continue using the PERC facility after the contract expires in 2018, the communities would see their tip fees increase to more than $100 per ton at a minimum. This is not affordable for our MRC communities.

• MRC is in the process of planning for the development of a state-of-the-art integrated solid waste management system which would process members’ solid waste consistent with the state’s solid waste hierarchy and in a way that maximizes recycling and useful processing of waste into products such as biofuels.

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